The Dolli

Mitropoleos 49,
Athina 105 56,

Athens Capital Center Hotel

4 Eleftheriou Venizelou Avenue and 2 Kriezotou,
Syntagma Square street,
Athina 105 64,

Mandarin Oriental - Costa Navarino

Pilos 240 01,

Canaves Oia Suites

Main Street,
Oía 847 02,

Euphoria Resort

Mystras 231 00,

Grand Forest Metsovo

Interchange 7A, A2,
Metsovo 442 00,

Exploring Greece’s Golden Season

As the Summer crowds disperse and the urge to travel must be sated, set your sights on the glorious shores of Greece. Dotted across the Aegean and Mediterranean’s azure waters, there is a magical quality to the mainland and its legendary islands, each with their own stories to tell. Scented bougainvillea drapes over whitewashed buildings, the beaches and ports come alive, history buffs have millenia to uncover, and locals exude a genuine warmth and zest for life that is simply contagious. Whether sipping on beachside ouzo, discovering lively tavernas, tasting dishes bursting with flavour, enjoying evening strolls or getting a taste of true Greek hospitality, unforgettable memories will be created here. With a plethora of choices of where to stay, eat and play, we aim to highlight the very best for your bespoke travel.

The Dolli At Acropolis, Athens

Bathed in light and white-washed modernity, The Dolli has an impeccable address with mesmerising views towards the Acropolis. Don’t miss the rooftop bar, Dolli’s restaurant with decadent dishes true to Athenian tastes, and a unique art-filled lounge tempting you to stay a little longer…

Athens Capital Center Hotel - MGallery Collection, Athens

Sitting pretty in Syntagma square under the MGallery Collection, Athens Capital incorporates artistic expression and sculptures that reflect local traditions. With their ‘Inspired by Her’ program, expect thoughtful gestures and added extras that redefine the accommodation experience for women.

Mandarin Oriental, Costa Navarino, Pelopponnese

Newly opened and just a three hour drive from Athens, revel at Mandarin Oriental’s sunken pool bar and indulge at their Lebanese restaurant Tahir with impeccable service. You’ll be spoiled for choice with four golf courses, a state-of-the art gym, world-class spa and hiking, kayaking or rock climbing at your doorstep.

Canaves Oia Suites, Santorini

Perfectly situated on the dramatic Santorini cliffside, the breathtaking views here will make you want to pinch yourself. Taking romance to the next level, take a private yacht sailing tour, wander the narrow streets of picturesque Oia, then retreat to your private pool suite while soaking up sublime shades of blue.

Euphoria Retreat, Sparta

True to its name and taking inspiration from the five elements to balance and heal your life, Euphoria Retreat is a wellbeing destination spa surrounded by a private forest in the Greek Peloponnese. This is a place for self-discovery and spiritual connection that captures the essence of tranquility and movement.

Grand Forest Metsovo, Epirus

Perched within black pines in the Pindus mountain range, Grand Forest Metsovo offers a green paradise with breathtaking views in north-western Greece. Look for Eurasian brown bears and Balkan chamois, find zen calm by the infinity pool and your private patio, or go hiking along isolated trails.

Iconic Experiences

To complement these stunning properties, sign up for these three iconic experiences which are a call to a soulful and memorable Grecian escape…

Acropolis & the Acropolis Museum
When you stand at the foot of the Acropolis of Athens and gaze at the architectural splendour of the Parthenon, the spirit of Ancient Greece unfolds before your eyes, emitting a vibrancy for over 2,500 years. As the undisputed center of the city for millennia, these great historical monuments atop the hill can be seen from every corner of Athens and takes a skilled guide to reveal the secrets within. Your visit takes place early in the morning before the crowds descend, and using augmented reality on an iPad, travel back in time as you discover the monuments in their original glory and the intricate engineering behind them.

Rare truffle hunting in Motsovo
In this corner of Greece, those who know Katerina Nola call her the female “Indiana Jones,” whose incredibly trained dogs track down precious truffles with vim and vigour. Alongside their skillful senses, you’ll make the most of the stunning countryside views while watching the dogs come and go, hopefully with truffles in their snouts! There is much to be learned, and the strolling continues until they have collected enough truffles for a scrumptious cookout lunch at a wooden riverside shelter.

Olive Oil Tasting and Lunch at a Local Village
Not far from Costa Navarino, you can enjoy an exceptional culinary experience at a traditional Greek village in the Peloponnese. Hidden past stone slab streets, idyllic Greek houses and olive, chestnut and walnut trees resides an olive oil connoisseur ready to share his well-kept secrets as he guides you through the steps of olive oil tasting. By the end of the day, you’ll savour the aromas of fresh olives and appreciate the smooth, bitter taste and spicy sensation of a premium olive oil. To top it off, you’ll make and bake your own bread in a wood-fired oven to complement the traditional lunch.

Follow the siren song of your heart and take to the seas! We know Greece well, and are eager to show you how to travel in pure luxury as you make your way across the isles this Autumn. Don’t hesitate any longer and you’ll be grateful you made the leap…

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