Vigie Beach

Vigie Beach, St Lucia

Anse Cochon Beach

Anse Cochon Beach, Saint Lucia

Gros Islet

Gros Islet, St Lucia

Sugar Beach

Val Des Pitons Forbidden Beach La Baie de Silence, St Lucia

Pigeon Island, St Lucia

Pigeon Island, St Lucia

Reduit Beach

Reduit Beach, St Lucia

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach, St Lucia

Best beaches in Saint Lucia, Caribbean

St Lucia is the perfect destination for beach lovers. This Eastern Caribbean island nation is filled with natural wonders, from UNESCO-listed landscapes to 18th Century history. From the dramatic twin-peaks of the Piton Mountains on its west coast, to the expansive coral reefs that sit beneath the crystal clear ocean.

Best Time to Travel: December to June, during the dry season.

St Lucia is a beach lover’s paradise

This tiny island packs a lot in by way of activity and life, but if you’re simply looking to spend your days reclining on the beach, St Lucia is for you. From gold and white seashell sands to black volcanic beaches, reef-diving sites, luxury resorts and fishing villages. There’s a beach to suit every personality. And the other great thing about St Lucia is that (unlike some of its neighbouring islands), all beaches are public, by law. (Yes, even those in front of the glitzy resort fronts.)

The beaches on the west of the island are on the side of the Caribbean, with bright white sands and calm waters. Making them ideal for activities, relaxation and watersports. On the Eastern side of the island, which faces the Atlantic Ocean, it’s a different story. The water is choppier here, with winds are stronger, but they are quieter and less populated for this reason.

Here’s a roundup of our favourite beaches in St Lucia.

Vigie Beach

White sands and blue ocean at Vigie beach, St Lucia
Vigie Beach

Best for: low-key atmosphere and charm

Not far from St Lucia’s capital of Castries is Vigie beach. There’s a reason why this beach is as popular with the locals as it is. Largely undeveloped and unspoilt, Vigie Beach has a wilder, unmanaged appearance and is filled with quintessential Caribbean charm.

The little bay is lined with palm trees, which overlook the golden sand and crystal-clear waters.

Anse Cochon Beach

Best for: snorkelling

Another black volcanic sand beach with tranquil waters, Anse Cochon is situated on the southwestern side of the island. This beach, although generally popular is less crowded than its other St Lucian sisters.

Perhaps because it’s mainly accessible by boat and provides a quiet, secluded atmosphere. Tranquil waters and offshore coral reefs provide ample snorkelling opportunities.

Gros Islet Beach

Best for: things to do and nightlife

Once a quiet fishing village, Gros Islet has since become one of the liveliest destinations on the island. This warm and welcoming town is the perfect introduction to bustling Creole culture.

Every Friday night, the Gros Islet locals hold a street party, serving up local dishes like green figs and saltfish, the island’s national dish, lambi (a type of conch shellfish) and thick, red bean meat soup bouyon.

Sugar Beach

Best for: Instagrammable scenery

On the west coast of the island, just south of Soufriere, you can find Sugar Beach, also know as Jalousie Plantation Beach, framed by the Piton mountains either side. Experience ultimate relaxation in the Valley of the Pitons, with acres of rainforest as your backdrop.

The Piton mountains

This narrow, sandy stretch of beach is probably not the ideal spot for a day of sun lounging (there are better ones on this list) but to explore, meet the locals and discover more about island life, you can’t beat it.

Note, access to the beach is through the Sugar Beach Viceroy Resort.

Pigeon Point Beach

Pigeon Point Island Beach

Best for: history

Pigeon Island is a place of great historical significance in St Lucia. A site of conflict and battle between the French and British, and desirable for its clear views across the bay towards French island of Martinique. Many forts and military fortresses line the area. Fort Rodney is well worth a visit for any history or naval buffs. But there are plenty of ruins dotted around the island.

Pigeon Point beach itself, while not large, is a brilliant place to spend a day reading a good book or snorkelling in the sea. The surrounding beauty is breathtaking, it’s hard not to be blown away by its dramatic scenery.

Reduit Beach

Best for: water sports and activity

On the north-west coast of the island Reduit beach on Rodney Bay is a dream for those who like their beaches bustling with activity.

Reduit beach is popular for its lively marina and sweeping views across the bay, overlooking Pigeon Island. There are plenty of water sports and activities, like jet-skiing, flyboarding and banana boat rides, on offer along this very recreational beach. Great for families with young children and teenagers.

Nearby you can find shops, stalls and restaurants.

Grande Anse Beach

Best for: Rugged beauty and nature

For untouched, unspoilt natural beauty, Grande Anse is the beach for you. Leatherback turtles lay their eggs along this stretch of the island, which is soon to become a national park. One of the only Atlantic-facing beaches on this list, the sea is more turbulent and than on the western, Caribbean side.

Because of its wild, off-the-beaten-track credentials, Grande Anse is a little harder to reach than the more tourist-heavy beaches on the island. Get a bus from Castries to Chassin and walk the rest of the way.

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